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Heycroft Primary School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

Our Team

All members of the Heycroft team have a significant role to play and work collaboratively to ensure our school is a happy and positive learning environment.

Senior Leadership Team

SLT (ID 1011)


Mrs Bown

Mrs Butler

Miss Chesher

Miss Cobb

Mrs Crampton

Mrs Doulton

Miss Ekins 

Miss Ellis

Mrs Gavriel

Mrs Hewis

Mrs Humberstone

Mrs Michaels

Miss Morris

Mrs Rowntree

Mrs Sanders

Mrs Wall

Support Staff

Mrs Dowden (Learning Mentor)

Mr Jobey (Sports Coach)

Mrs Endell

Mrs Aitchison

Mrs Dacosta

Mrs Dickinson

Mrs Emery

Mrs Forde

Mrs Gibson

Mrs Jell

Mrs Jobey

Mrs King

Miss Petty

Mrs Ludlow

Mrs Mann

Mrs Everitt

Mrs Spencer

Midday Assistants

Mrs Marsh (Senior Mid-day Assistant)

Miss Adams

Mrs Bevan

Mrs Edwards

Mrs Neville

Miss Pilkington

Miss Grimes

Mrs Egan

Mrs Easterbrook

Mrs Daly

Mrs Roger

Mrs Spencer

Mr Mansfield

Mrs Lagden

Office Staff

Mrs Taylor (Office Manager)

Mrs Boundy

Mrs Steward

Site Team

Mr Mason (Site Manager)

Mr Knights

Mrs Lewzey

Mrs Smith

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