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Heycroft Primary School

South East Essex Academy Trust (SEEAT)

Design & Technology

Through our Design Technology curriculum, we hope to inspire our children to have curious minds, be innovative, resourceful and creative thinkers.

Our curriculum offers children opportunities to research, plan, design, test and review. We use the Lion Pathways DT curriculum as a starting point to explore and learn from existing products and find out about Design and Technology in the real world.

Through practical, engaging and purposeful projects linked to the 5 areas of Design and Technology-cookery, mechanical and electrical systems, structures and textiles children will learn how to make design decisions based on the needs of a particular user or to solve a problem. They will construct using a wide range of materials and tools and learn to test and evaluate their product for both its functionality as well as its aesthetics.

 As they move through the school, they will have opportunities to apply and build on their DT knowledge and skills and grow into independent, inventive and innovative learners.

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