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This page will contain the recipes your children have used in their cookery lessons at school as well as some resources

you might like to use. 

 Please click on their Year Group to access

their page and have a try at home. 

You can also take a look at the other year groups

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Useful sites for recipes and resources.







Year 1


Year 1 have been preparing for a Medieval banquet.


They have been baking bread and ginger cake as well as preparing a hearty vegetable potage.


Foundation have been learning about the importance of eating a Rainbow of fruits and vegetables. 


Year 2 have been  learning about the process of baking bread and have been finding out about different breads from around the world.


Year 4- Seasonality

​ Year 4 have been learning about seasonality which is the time of year when food is at its best in terms of flavour or harvest.


​They have investigating which foods grow in each season and finding out where in the United Kingdom different foods grow.




Year 3- Healthy Breakfasts


​Year 3 have been thinking at healthy breakfast foods and they have been using the Eatwell guide to see what nutrients the foods contain.

We have been cooking healthy breakfast muffins.


  • This year the children at Heycroft will be cooking recipes from different countries from around the world.
  •  They will be finding out about the foods and dishes that each country produces.
  •  They will learn how to prepare & eat healthy balanced meals.



Year 3 have been making Minestrone soup, Grissini breadsticks and Pizzas.








Year 4 have been making dishes to serve at an Egyptian Night.

Breads From Around The World


Year 2 have been baking different breads from around the world.

Year 2 have been baking different sorts of breads from around the world.



Year 6 having been cooking Mexican dishes to be sampled by their families at an Mexican Evening on Wednesday 16th March.


Here are some of the recipes they have used, why not try them at home! 





Foundation have been looking making dishes from France.

Years 1 & 5 have been working together to make some Brazilian dishes

Year 5 having fun making carrot cake!


 As part of their topic on France Red class and Blue class have been making Leek & potato soup  and mini-beast bread rolls.

2014-2015- Pupils from Year 1 are preparing Super Food salad & baking Blueberry Polenta lemon & orange muffins

2014-2015. Year 2 have been making cheese and onion quiches. They learnt the 'rubbing in' method when making their pastry; how to grate cheese and crack an egg. They also practised how to wash up correctly.


Year 3 have been learning how to prepare fish dishes.

2014-2015. Year 4 have been working on 1-1-1 challenge to create dishes that contain 1 carbohydrate, 1 protein, 1 vegetable.

2014-2015. Year 4 prepared pasta, vegetable and bacon soup and made different breads and rainbow couscous.

Year 6 have been learning to make different dishes uisng the same ingredients.